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Aiello’s Ristorante


                add Chicken +3 | add shrimp +4           CHILDREN’S MENU
          ARUGULA                        $10
          Blue cheese, craisins, pecans, apples,
          white balsamic dressing.
                                                          12 and under only, salad not included.
          GREEK                           $8
          Romaine, olives, grapes leaves, feta         SPAGHETTI WITH SAUCE        $6
          cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, red             With meatball or sausage.
          onions, oregano.
          CAPRESE                        $10           SHRIMP BASKET & FRIES       $8
          Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella,
          drizzled balsamic reduction.                 RAVIOLI                     $9
          DELMONICO STEAK SALAD          $19           CHICKEN FINGERS & FRIES     $9

          CHICKEN SPINASH                $12
          Marinated chicken spiedie, tomato,           STUFFED SHELLS              $9
          cucumber black olives, onion, choice of
          ANTIPASTO                      $12
          Ham, salami, marinated vegetables,
          olives, provolone cheese.                              soups
          CHEF SALAD                     $12
          Ham, turkey, swiss, egg & black olives.
          CAESAR SALAD                    $9          SOUP OF THE DAY                 $5
          TOSSED SALAD                    $4          FRENCH ONION                    $5

          HOME DRESSING SALAD                         LOBSTER BISQUE                 $13
          Italian, balsamic, ranch, poppy seed, blue   Bowl
          cheese (additional charge).
                                                      CREAM OF MUSHROOM              $13
          ALSO OFFER                                  Bowl
          French, russian, raspberry vinaigrette, oil
          & vinegar, honey mustard, crumbly blue
          or feta cheese additional charge.
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