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               CHICKEN & VEAL

           PARMIGIANA                             *Includes tossed salad *incluides baked potato or pasta of the
                                                  day (unless serve over pasta). *add vegetable of the day, french
                                                  fries, or different pasta sauce for additional charge.
         Breaded fried, topped with Aiello’s tomato
         sauce and mozzarella cheese. Chicken 18 | veal
            MARSALA                                   JUMBO SHRIMP & SEA
         Sautéed with garlic, prosciutto di parma     SCALLOP PASTA DISHES
         (italian cured ham), mushrooms, and marsala
         wine chikcen 20| veal 28
                                                 * Includes tossed salad only.
         Breaded & topped with a creamy alfredo
         (made with 100% parmigiana cheese & heavy   FRA DIAVOLO
         cream), and broccoli. Chicken 20 | veal 28  Hot & spicy plum tomato sauce served over linguini
                                                    shrimp 21 | scallops mkt price.
                                                    VOOKA SAUCE
         Breaded & topped with garlic & romano      Prosciutto (italian cured ham), sautéed with garlic,
         cheese in a white wine sauce (GARLIC       romano cheese, heavy cream, plum tomatoes, with
         LOVERS). Chicken 19 | veal 27              a splash of vodka shrimp 21 | scallops mkt price.
           OF THE SEA                               SEAFOOD STUFFED
                                                    Stuffed with our award -winning seafood stuffing,
         Topped with jumbo shrimp and sea scallops   topped with our creamy sherry sauce. Shrimp 24 |
         sautéed with garlic & mushrooms in a marsala   scallops mkt price.
         wine sauce. Chicken 29 | veal mkt price.
                                                    ALFREDO SAUCE
           SALTMBOCCA                               Parmigiana reggiano, butter and cream sauce.
                                                    Shrimp 2 | scallops mkt price.
         Stuffed with prosciutto di parma, roasted red   WINE SAUCE MUSSELS
         peppers, and swiss cheese, topped with our   Sautéed in your favorite red or white wine sauce
         famous marsala wine sauce with mushrooms   over linguini mussels 14 | clams 20.
         and broccoli (Vincenzo Aiello award winning
         creation - 2007). Chicken 23 | veal 32     PASTA OF THE SEA                 $39
                                                    Fresh clams, jumbo shrimp, mussels, sea scallops
                                                    and calamari in sauce of your choice over linguini.
                                                    Choice of marinara, fra diavolo, alfredo, red or white
          ACCOMPANIMENTS                            sauce.
          Wild mushrooms                 +4

          Vegetable of day           +3.50             RARE (warm red center)
          Vegetable of day            +2.95            MEDIUM (pink center)

                                                       WELL DONE (no color, cooked through)
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